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Viola Fostering Services, Northampton

Victory House
Pavillion Drive
United Kingdom

01604 521020

Viola Fostering Services, Northampton

Viola Fostering Services is set up as an independent fostering agency, providing high quality foster placements for children and young people in the care of local authorities. There is a shortage of good foster carers across the country and our aim is to recruit, train and support individuals and families that are interested in caring for children and young people who are unable to stay within their own family settings for various reasons. As an organisation, we strive to provide the best quality support to our foster carers so they can, in turn, provide the best quality care needed for young people in their care.


So if you have experience of working with children and young people and can provide a family environment? We would be interested in hearing from you. We are looking for people who have empathy, resilience and a commitment to making a difference to a child/young person's life. You will need to have a spare room.


Why Foster


People decide to become foster carers for various reasons but the main being that they want to make a difference in a child's life. In most cases, people will have been thinking about fostering for years before they make that decisive step to query about fostering.


Some are parents who have done a good job with their own children and see no reason why they cannot be role models for foster children. Others don’t have children of their own but feel they have time, patience, warmth and love to give to young people who cannot live with their own families.


Other families are ‘empty nesters’ whose children are now grown up and they enjoy having the noise and fun that youngsters bring to a home. Whatever the reason, fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.


What is Fostering?


Children and young people need foster care for many reasons. Some parents have health related problems that prevent them from being able to care for their children. Others struggle because they did not have a good parenting experience and find it very difficult to be a parent themselves. This can sometimes result in the abuse and neglect of children / young people.


Other parents who have children with a disability need support to help care for them. Fostering provides these children/young people with alternative family care where they can feel valued, respected and cared for. Fostering is generally for a limited period – whether it be for a week, a month, a year or more.


In foster care, the legal responsibility for the child / young person is likely to be shared between birth parents and social services. However, day to day care is provided by the foster carer. What these children and young people need is security, patience and understanding, to help them grow up to be responsible adults, living their lives to the full and being able to meet and cope with the challenges that face all of us at different stages in our lives. A child / young person in foster care will have contact with their birth family. The ultimate goal for most children/young people in foster care is that they are able to return home at some point in the future.


Who can become a foster carer?


Whatever your marital status, sexual orientation, religious/cultural or ethnic background, whether you have a disability or medical condition – provided it is stable and does not affect your ability to care for a child / young person, you can apply to foster.


Even if you already have children of your own – provided your children are happy to accept a foster child/young person into your home then we would love to hear from you. Whether or not you work – there are different types of foster care to suit a wide range of employment circumstances, call and have a chat with us about the different types of fostering.


Whether you are retired – provided you are healthy and have plenty of energy to help children/young people for a reasonable period into the future we would love to speak to you.


Whether your own childhood was difficult – provided you have been able to reflect on the experience and can now use this in a positive way to help children/young people you can foster.


It is important, however, that;


You enjoy the company of children and young people


You have a spare room that a child/young person can use


You do not have a police record for violence or sexual offences


You are prepared to attend training courses designed to help foster carers in the important work that they do


You are available to meet with all the people involved in the child / young person’s life.


We welcome enquiries irrespective of your race, religion, language, culture, gender, disability, age, and sexual orientation.


For information about fostering, we recommend that you complete the enquiry form on our website and our Enquiry Team will be in touch with you to answer any questions you have. Or email us directly:

Viola Fostering Services, Northampton
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