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Davian Classics, Gargrave

Davian Classics
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Davian Classics, Gargrave

Lambretta scooters are a huge part of British culture and are highly sought after in the UK, Davian Classics take great pride in restoring these fabulous bikes back to their original showroom condition, and no expense is spared during this process.


When purchasing a Lambretta from Davian Classics you can also be assured of customer service and knowledge which is second to none, along with great after sales services including servicing, repairs, and parts and extra’s for your new scooter.


A brief history of Lambretta Scooters

The history of the Lambretta scooter is a journey of twists and turns filled with legal wrangles and factory closures. The fact the Lambretta name is still alive can be placed at the door of fans of the original Italian Innocenti Lambretta.


Lambretta was the brainchild of Italian entrepreneur Fredinando Innocenti, who saw most of his steel pipe-making business destroyed during WWII. Innocenti realised that to recover from economic disaster, a form of cheap, personal transport was needed and, along with Corradino D’Ascanio, set about designing a machine to rival a motorcycle – but not to be a motorcycle in the true sense of the word.


Taking cues from an American wartime scooter, Innocenti and D’Ascanio set to work and quickly disagreed about the new scooter’s frame design –wanted to utilise his pipe bending business for the frame design and D’Ascanio didn’t. This led to Innocenti going it alone while D’Ascanio went to Mr Piaggio to eventually produce the Vespa scooter in 1946 – a year or so before the first Lambretta went into production.


While purchases of Lambretta scooters were swift and plenty in the early years, affordable cars soon caused a tail-off in Lambretta sales. Surprisingly, it was UK car firm British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC) who eventually bought the manufacturing rights from Innocenti. But it wasn’t long before Lambretta production ceased and the factory closed in the early 70s.


Meanwhile, Automobile Products of India (API) had bought licensing rights in 1957 to produce a range of Innocenti Lambretta scooters for the same reason the original Lambretta evolved. However, another twist came with Scooters India Ltd (SIL) buying the complete rights to Lambretta in 1972, later forcing API to rename its scooters to Lamby.


SIL continued to produce scooters that were branded Lambretta on export models until sales dropped and manufacture ceased in the late 1990s. The ‘Innocenti’ name is now said to be owned by car producer Fiat, while the Lambretta brand name has been – and still is – the centre of many legal battles.


At the moment, Lambretta S.A. of the Lambretta Consortium lay claim to all Lambretta licensing rights and have started to produce Lambretta scooters in Taiwan utilising a SYM fully automatic four-stroke scooter design, but using Lambretta-like metal body panels produced in Italy.


Davian Classics, Gargrave
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